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The Ravechi fair is held between September and October in Ravechi, which is near the famous Rann of Kutch. Rail and local transport by road can be taken to reach to the destination. The Revachi fair is held during month of September near the famous Ravechi temple. It is also the place of big tourist attraction. About 30,000 people or more pilgrims and tourists visit the place. I also saw that the government had arranged for special buses for the pilgrims to/from the temple and the fair.



The Ravechi temple is situated in the Nana Raava Village in Rapar District of Gujarat in Kutch. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Ravechi, which is situated on the Local pond of the village. The temple is said to be built in year 1921. I saw that the temple was more than 52 feet high. The temple was built by the Pandvas. The image of the goddess of the temple is said to be self incarnating - that is, it came out of its own. I was also told by an elder man to see and worship the ever burning lamp. He told me that lamp known as Akhand Jyot is a 'diya' which always keeps on burning.

Attraction of the Ravechi Fair


Each fair and festival that takes place in Gujarat is unique to each other and happens in different parts of the state. Much of these celebrations turn around particular events and seasons. Some events are based on the period of harvesting, religious events, long lived Indian traditions, change of season and so much more. This is a grand fair held in Bhadra Sud Aatham of Hindu calendar. More than 30000 people participate in Ravechi Fair and happens to be one of the most famous fairs and festivals in Gujarat. The many world famous festivals and fairs in Gujarat have become a great way of exploring its various cultures, traditions, customs and beliefs. Thousands of travellers from all across the world visit Gujarat to see and be a part of the pleasure of this unique Indian state. Ravechi Mataji No Melo is very famous name speak local people.

Ravechi Fair is an important tourist attraction of Gujarat. This fairs of Gujarat being mostly religious, the Ravechi fair is held near the Ravechi Mata temple. Thousands of devotees come and visit the place and that creates a superb and pious atmosphere. The home made clothes, homemade fabrics, mirror works, embroidery and lace works are fine specimens of local handi works of the womenfolk of Gujarat. The fair's attraction lies in the multi-colored stalls, which are the most excellent place to buy and spot the local handicrafts.



Various domestic airlines are available connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Direct trains between Bhuj - Ahmedabad on meter gauge line and for Mumbai on the broad gauge line from Gandhidham. State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various centres of Gujarat. Bhuj is connected by sta6te highway upto Bhachau to Ahmedabad by national highway No. 8A 310 km away.

The Ravechi fair of Gujarat is the great place for people from special culture to unite. People from the communities like Ahir, Rabari, and Charan take active part in the fair.