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Blood Banks

Blood Banks

The Blood is the nature's unique gift to the human beings for the survival, maintenance and normal restoration. The most important and salient features of the blood are that it can never be synthesized in any factory or clinical laboratory of the world. For its total requirement, it is to be slowly relied upon Donors only.

The Blood is a complex tissue with numerous constituents capable enough to gift the lift under various critical stages. Its appropriate and rational use can save number of human lives and helps it's to sustain for several years. There are no other virtues, which can totally substitute the whole Blood in the human body. It provides nutrients, oxygen, hormones and so many other nutritional materials in adequate quantities for which without it life cannot be imagined. If it is not used judiciously it can be fatal and likely to impart number of potential hazards to the patient's life. If care is not taken enough in aspect of donors clinical testing, collection method, storage etc. it can transmit number of infective diseases like Hepatitis, sexually transmitted disorders, malaria, AIDS and so on.

Blood Transfusion can be essential under dire emergency circumstances to save patients life. Its use is indicated in the conditions like Shock Hypovalemia, Malignant and extensive injuries, hemorrhage, major surgical operations, gynecological surgeries, Chronic Anemia Talesinia and Hemophilia. The role of blood and its components cannot be ignored under multi-clinical hospitals and latest development of medical technology.

With the advent of Research and Investigation, we have been introduced to the new era of Component Therapy. With the latest technology and development in medical science, the use of the Whole Human Blood is day by day getting reduced. It is well established now -a -days that the use of the component has got several advantages rather than the use of Whole Blood. Not only that the use of the Blood is likely to transmit several complications but also to emphasize that the Whole Blood Therapy is somewhat irrational in certain disorders. Now a days with the research of the component therapy, several diseases are successfully well treated with the component. The advantages of the components are listed below:


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