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Hathee Singh Temple

Hathee Singh Temple

Hathee Singh Temple


The Hatheesingh Mandir could be an awfully acclaimed Jain Temple. One amongst is the most of fashionable Jain Mandir in Ahmedabad town. Hatheesingh Jain Temple constructed in the year 1850 AD, Hatheesingh temple is a very famous Jain temple. It has been named after its founder Seth Hatheesingh, a prosperous Jain merchant. Hatheesingh Jain temple of Ahmedabad was built in the dedication of the 15th Jain Tirthankara named Dharmnath. The temple is known for its fabulous architectural styling and designing that consists intricate carvings. It is an architectural marvel that has been built using beautiful white marbles. Hatheesingh Jain Temple is a double storied construction that has a dome on the front side. The other two sides of the temple consist of lavishly carved out galleries. The temple built by Hatheesingh is one of the most splendid Jain temples of India. The temple has a cemented courtyard that is enclosed by a row of cloisters, which contains 52 holy places. Each of the Shrines consists of an image of a Tirthankara. Well,Hatheesingh Jain Temple is certainly worth a visit. The main temple houses 11 deities, six in basement and five in three bay sanctuary. The main shrine lines on the east and temple is covered with a big dome supported by twelve ornate pillars. The secondary shrines from a long gallery its three sides. The temple has a unique Manastambha (or column of honour) inspired by the Jain Manastambha and the Kirtistambha at Chittore in Rajasthan.



Construction of the temple was initiated originally planned by ShethHatheeSinghKesharisingh, a wealthy Ahmedabad trader who unfortunately passed way at 49. The construction was supervised and completed by his wife ShethaniHarkunwar. The total cost was approximately Rs. 8 lakh, then a Dharmanatha, the fifteenth Jain Tirthankar. Lockwood de Forest who was a business associate of MuggenbhaiHatheesingh, the son of ShethHatheesingh, estimated the cost as “over a million dollars”.

The temple was built during a severe famine in Gujarat. Building the temple employed hundreds of skilled artisans which supported them for a period of two years. The temple is managed by a Hatheesingh family trust.



The Hathee Singh Temple Ahmedabad is built outside Delhi Gate and is the best known of Ahmedabad's many ornate Jain Temples.The temple is at a distance of 3 Km from the Ahmedabad Railway Station, Rickshaws, Buses and Taxis are all available from the Railway station. All Boarding and lodging facilities are available within the temple compound. An upashraya is also situated in the Temple compound. There are many good hotels around, within a distance of 1-2 km.


Shri Dharmanath Jain Mandir,

ShethShruHatheesinghKesarsingh Trust

O/s DilliDarwaja.

Ahmedabad – 380004, Gujarat, India