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108 - EMRI

108 - EMRI

EM in India

  • A centralized emergency management system exists in most developed countries which helps in saving lives on a day to day basis. India lags far behind its western counterparts in terms of emergency services.
  • United State of America has 911 Emergency Number which is accessible nationwide. National Emergency Number Association (NENA) - a US-government sponsored not-for-profit association which was formed to further the goal of ‘One Nation, One Number'. There are over 6,000 NENA centers responding to 200 million calls per year. Two out of three people in the US call 911 once a year.  Revenues for 911-services are sourced by revenues from telephone surcharges and levied on property taxes. 
  • 112 is the European Union-wide Emergency Number. European Union Emergency Number Association (EENA) responds to a 100 million medical emergencies per year. Revenue sources for sustaining 112 are general taxes.
  • Although there have been isolated attempts to address emergency care in India, these could not be scaled up to cater to all sections of community, and address all kinds of emergencies. The present service levels are primitive and suffer from operational deficiencies of Legal, administrative, police, fire, single number, accreditation of ambulances, education and training standards for paramedics and pre-hospital care.

GVK EMRI – Pioneer of Emergency Management in India

  • GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) provides a comprehensive emergency management service in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh using a single, toll-free number (108). The number 108 is used as the centralized helpline for Medical, Police and Fire emergencies.
  • At GVK EMRI, world class technology is at work to give the quickest response to any distress call. Supported by the latest technology in distress communication and management, GVK EMRI extends quick and effective relief to any medical, police or fire emergency situation involving individuals.



Volunteers In Case of Emergency (VoICE)

Volunteerism is a major initiative by GVK EMRI to ensure that no emergencies go unreported and unattended. GVK EMRI is keen to enlist the support of volunteers to disseminate knowledge and information about 1-0-8 services. Volunteers can assist in the following areas:

Reporting emergencies to help those who have no access to a telephone
Provide assistance to victim till the ambulance arrives
Accompany victims to the hospital and serve as referral for the unknown
Transporting the victim to a meeting point where the ambulance will take over or take the victim directly to the hospital in case the ambulance is busy or not available

The volunteers are broadly classified as Brand Ambassador, Resource Provider and Service Provider.

Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador refers to a registered volunteer who would create awareness about 1-0-8 services in their respective areas and enable people to make use of emergency services effectively.
Expectations of GVK EMRI
Create Awareness about GVK EMRI-108
Motivate Citizens for optimum utilization of 1-0-8 services during emergencies
To facilitate in providing Emergency Response Service (ERS) effectively in the respective locations
To create a sense of community ownership among the people about GVK EMRI services
Resource Provider
Resource Provider refers to a registered volunteer who would provide essential resource either to the needy during emergencies or to the GVK EMRI field staff for rendering effective emergency services.
Expectations of GVK EMRI
Telephone (Mobile, accessories/Fixed Landline / WLL)  to communicate emergencies to 1-0-8 on behalf of the victim
Facilitate the existing 1-0-8 ambulance in ensuring uninterrupted emergency Services when the communication system (mobile) is either nonfunctional due to connectivity lapses or any such unavoidable circumstances
Provide 2/3/4 wheeler as an alternate ambulance, when the existing 1-0-8 ambulance is not available due to breakdown or any other reasons.
Shelter for Ambulance and Residential Space for GVK EMRI staff to be provided in those locations where the particular infrastructure is not available.
To be instrumental in providing resources when needed and enable an uninterrupted Emergency Response Service in their respective locations.
Service Provider
Service provider refers to a registered volunteer who is willing to render timely skill based services in the process of saving lives.
Expectations of GVK EMRI
As First Respondent provides pre-hospital care to the victim. For instance, if a volunteer is doctor, in case of Medical emergencies, he / she can give pre hospital care before the ambulance reaches to the site.
As Attendee: The Volunteer may accompany the victim in the Ambulance/ Hospital.
As Pilot (Driver): The volunteer may extend service to transport the victim by driving the vehicle and render service if the field s staff of GVK EMRI in Ambulance are not available due to unavoidable circumstances such as sudden illness and so on.
As Vehicle Mechanic: Provides services for minor / major repairs & servicing of GVK EMRI network vehicles so as to facilitate and keep the field operations intact.s
Facilitate effective service delivery mechanism.
Ensure uninterrupted Emergency response system.


Accessibility of GVK EMRI-108 in India

Having launched the 108 emergency response service on August 15, 2005, in Hyderabad, GVK EMRI presently provides an integrated emergency service accross the state of Andhra Pradesh, with 752 ambulances serving over 4800 emergencies per day.

With the success of GVK EMRI 108 services in AP and Gujarat, the government of Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Goa , Assam, Karnataka , Meghalaya, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh have shown interest to replicate similar emergency response centres in heir respective states.

GVK EMRI is currently operational in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

Ambulances Distribution in Various States

Andhra Pradesh - 752
Gujarat - 450
Uttarakhand - 108
Tamil Nadu - 384
Goa - 18
Karnataka - 517
Assam - 280 and 1 boat Ambulance
Meghalaya - 29
Madhya Pradesh - 70

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