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Tulsi Shyam Temple

Tulsi Shyam Temple

Tulsi Shyam Temple


Tulsishyam Mandir is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is several hundred years old. It is a major tourist destination and pilgrim centre. It is located in the heart of GIR National Park, in Junagadh District of Gujarat. It is situated at 170 km from Junagadh and 45 km from Diu, on the way to Una via Dhari. Prime attraction is the medicinal hot water spring. The water is curative for people suffering from gout and rheumatism.

This temple is said to be seven hundred years old. One need to climb around 100 steep step to reach up to this temple of Rukshmanidevi. Rukshmani was the chief wife of Lord Krishna. The statue of Rukshmani is made of black marble and is around 2 feet tall. The small statue of Lord Krishna is also kept near the main statue of Rukshmanidevi. The temple offers very peaceful environment and the tourists love to sit here quietly for some time. There are three hot springs at Tulsishyam. The first spring is having warm water. The second one is having slightly hot water. But the third one is having the boiling water. The steam can be seen coming out of the water from this third spring. The visitors take bath in these water springs to get rid of their skin diseases. The temple has more than 200 cows in the Gaushala. One can also see the lions and other wild life while travelling through Jungle.


It is said that Lord Krishna conquered a demon known as “Tul”, hence this place is known as Tulsishyam. A yearly fair is also organized here in the month of September. In the month of October / November, a celebration takes place to commemorate the marriage of Lord Vishnu with Sati Vrinda, and the celebration is known as ‘Tulsivivah’.

How to Reach

Tulsishyam is located at a distance of 138 kms from Junagadh, which is well connected with road and railways.