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Gujarat University Convension Centre

Gujarat University Convension Centre

The Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre (GUCEC) is perfectly suitable for major trade shows, conference, exhibitions, banquets, sport meets, concerts, theatre performances, educational lectures and seminars. It has a significant structure that is designed to hold a convention, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. It located in the heart of urban Ahmedabad, the vibrant state of Gujarat. It typically offers sufficient floor area to accommodate several thousand attendees.

For the all sorts of the events, the GUCEC is major convention hub in Ahmedabad. It supports any corporate or social events. With a joint venture between Gujarat University and Gandhi Corporation, the venue, flourishes in all business sector promotion and entertainment occasions, and offers state of the art exhibition, meeting and convention services.

Convention Centre has many amenities like one main huge exhibition space, three conference rooms, one auditorium, one major ground, a food court, vast parking space, resting lounge, and several lawns. These spaces can be constructed productively to become concert halls, lecture halls, meeting rooms, and discussion rooms.

Exhibition Hall

The most prized possession of the GUCES is its magnificent exhibition area. The hall is an uninterrupted space, with brilliant facilities like store room, electrical rooms, staff service rooms, maintenance workshops and toilet blocks, attached to the area, the hall promotes an effortless occupation and flexible usage. There are numerous ways of using this space, and not just for large scale exhibition events. It supports any form of display ideas, to take wing with the requirement of any sort of business. Without constraining pillars, measuring 108 and 48 meters in length and breadth, respectively, with a sloping ceiling height of 15 meters. The vicinity can accommodate an estimated 400 stalls of 3 by 3 meters, and roughly hold 6000 people at a time. The entire volume is fully air conditioned, for the relief of its occupants. The vacuum de-watered RCC flooring, with a loading capacity of 20MT per square meter, adds to the luxurious area. The subtle cool interior encourages, an engaging atmosphere. Also available with the hall, is a 12 by 12 meters room for contract suppliers, for the ease of any business.

Convention Hall

Enhancing the radiance of the convention centre is the gigantic auditorium. This multi usage lecture hall can be doubled as an entertainment space. With a seating capacity of 2350 people, this fully air conditioned area, is an exception of its kinds. The state of the art theatre space has an in built plug and play sound reinforce system, for the crisp atmosphere required for any convention. Flexible modes of lighting are capable of setting appropriate moods for the purpose of its numerous uses. The interiors promote a comfortable environment for a professional appearance, without being too loud and distressing. An amazing space for acknowledging several kinds of purposes.


Pre-Convention Hall

For ease of the conference participants, a pre-conference room is connecting the three conference halls. This room is very handy for intervals during meetings and promotes socializing within the participants. The size of the hall is 30*12*4 meters and is convincingly spacious with walls of clear glass windows. Again, like the rest of the conference halls this is also fully air conditioned.

Walk Way

Walk way may act as the welcome space for participants. It is the crown of the GUCEC, literally the dome adorned registration area, where convention contestants can register or unwind.

Conference Rooms

Three fully air conditioned conference rooms with flexible seating arrangements are the gems of the convention centre and valued for their elegant business look, and would be suitable for all sorts of the conferences. The first two conference rooms with seating arrangements of 120 and 264 people respectively, can be clubbed together conveniently into one large area with a total capacity of approximately 550 people. The third conference hall has a competence of inhabiting 275 people at one time, and is the largest of the three halls. It can hold many number of seating formations to aptly respond to any meeting, with options like classroom or roundtable patterns. All three halls have an additional pantry room and well situated toilet blocks and resting lounge.

Food Court

With a dining capacity of 1000 persons and 3000 persons, including passage space, the GUCEC food court, has adequate space for cooking and serving. Located near the soothing green lawns of the centre, the atmosphere is fantastic for its participants. Also provided is a separate room for the kitchen staff with the space.


The parking area at the centre is a gigantic area to accommodate more than 400 cars and 150 two wheeler vehicles. With flexible traffic flow options, it makes entrance to the convention centre comfortable and convenient.